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"I found this station three months ago after living in SLO for 1 1/2 years. It came at a time that I needed more Christian things in my sinful life. Since then, I've found good things happening to me."

− Anonymous

"So grateful for the recent changes!! I had listened to the station from its very first day on the air years ago…but then I was thrown into a very tough season of life that required every ounce of my strength. I needed solid messages and music that really honored God and helped me keep the focus on Him in an exhausting time….Now I can turn on Life 89.3 and hear staff sharing God-honoring words, ideas, encouragement, etc. that help give me strength for the day. This life can be a very steep uphill climb. I am grateful you are part of the body that helps your listeners once again fix our eyes on Jesus!! Thank you for the awesome changes!! Lots of love and appreciation to all of you!"

− Cindy

"I just wanted to say that I turned to your station today for the first time in a while and immediately your goals were met. The choice of music and the encouraging messages drew me into worship as I was driving. I haven’t had that happen before. The message was a Presbyterian pastor’s story about his son. And for the first time in a long time, I felt like shooting the volume up on the radio because I loved a song so much!"

− Chloe

"I love the new format of your station! It felt different listening even though I didn’t know you had made a change. I was flipping through my preset stations and noticed the difference. I’m listening more and more…Wish I could pin-point the difference, but it just feels more cohesive, friendly, and puts me at ease listening now."

− Candy

"I wanted to let you know how much me and my family love the new direction you have gone with this radio station. We have always listened to the station, but to hear all the classic praise and worship songs that I remember from my youth makes me enjoy the station all the more. When I heard For the Sake of the Call from Steven Curtis Chapman in the car, I instantly started to sing along, and I haven’t heard that song for 10 years. Thank you for all you have done and will do!"

− Travis

"Wow, you guys are really hitting the target this morning. I got up from bed, turned on the radio, and each of the first three songs I heard are encouraging me to be strong in the Spirit. I’m bawling like a baby! You see, the last two months have been very difficult for me and my wife. I’m going through some mysterious illness that is making me extremely fatigued. Had to quit my job at the end of the year because of it. But God is faithful, always, and we are still blessed. He is bringing us through this. Thank you for your ministry!"

− Phil

"It’s been refreshing to hear more worship-type songs and even some classics on the air. I look to Life 89.3 for the contemporary Christian music so I can stay ahead of my 8-year-old and introduce artists that have a great sound and solid foundation…I’m so thankful you’re on the air, and I will look to Life 89.3 as a resource to help guide my daughters through their adolescence."

− Brandy

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"When the weight of my struggles wears me down, I turn on Life 89.3 and those feelings are replaced with gratitude for all that my God does for me. "

− Debbie

"Life 89.3 is my number one choice. It brings me closer to God and strengthens my faith. It's like getting a huge hug from God every single day. "

− Lindsey

"Life 89.3 reminded me that I still have someone caring for me and right here by my side all the time. Thank you for helping me find my faith again. "

− Rachel

A Boost for My Heart

Submitted by: Lindsey

Finding My Faith Again

Submitted by: Rachel